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What is AG (anti-glare) coating?

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For displays such as TVs and car navigation systems, AG (anti-glare) films and materials with AG (anti-glare) treatments are used to prevent the reflection of fluorescent lights and sunlight, which makes it difficult to see them.

Incidentally,.... glare is the one that makes things hard to see.

As a way to reduce glare,
AG (anti-glare) and AR (anti-reflection) methods are available.
The principle of AG (anti-glare) is to diffuse specular light by making the surface rough, thereby reducing glare and reflection.

The principle of AR (anti-reflection) is to combine materials with different refractive indices on the surface to form a thin film, and to reduce reflected light by interfering with reflected light from the surface of the film and reflected light from the back surface in opposite phases to incident light.

Here, we introduce the AG (anti-glare) coating agents that we design and sell.

For many years, we have been developing paints with surface design (touch sensation), anti-rubbing paints for vehicle components, anti-glare paints for vehicle interior materials, and other paints that utilize silica and filler dispersion technologies. Among these, the optical properties (haze, gloss, image clarity, and total light transmittance) are adjusted by increasing the degree of dispersion (making the particle size finer) than with conventional matte paints. As a result, the paint is used as an optical film.

AU-150A : Grade with the highest reflection performance
Since this type has a large particle size, it has been investigated not only for AG (anti-glare) but also for matte paint for building materials.

AU-230:Grade that specializes in anti-stain properties
Oligomers containing silicone have been used to improve the soil resistance. Even if you write with an oily pen, you can wipe the ink with a hag and wipe it off immediately. It is also easy to wipe fingerprints.

AU-600:Grade with finer particle size and reduced glare
Since the glare performance is lower than that of the normal type, it is also being considered for AG (anti-glare)/AR (anti-reflection) films.

In addition, please contact us easily because we have a variety of types other than those listed on our website, such as types with improved finger slippage on touch panels, types with added antimicrobial agents, and types with recoating properties for anti-reflection treatment.

Looking ahead,
  • AG coating agent using CNF (cellulose nanofibers)
  • Flexible AG coating
  • AG coating agent compatible with screen printing

we will continue to develop these products so that it can be used for a variety of purposes.
Once the development has progressed, I would like to disclose it to the public.


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