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What is UV (ultraviolet) curable resin? This section explains the characteristics, types, and applications used.

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Synthetic resins are classified into heat curable resins, room temperature curable resins, UV-curable resins, and electron-beam (EB) curable resins, depending on how they are synthesized. UV curable resins are used in all industries because of their characteristics. Especially in recent years, environmentally friendly paints have been sought, and UV paints can be applied without using solvents, so they can be said to be low-pollution, resource-saving, and energy-saving paints. This time, we will summarize the UV-curable resins, which are also lined up in TOKUSHIKI products.

What is UV (ultraviolet) curable resin?

What is a UV (ultraviolet) curable resin in the first place?

UV (ultraviolet) curable resins are those in which substances that become parts of resins, such as monomers and oligomers (in liquid form), are solidified and converted into resins by polymerizing reactions in a chain manner by light.
The UV curable resin is cured as follows.
When irradiated with ultraviolet rays, the photopolymerization initiator decomposes and radicals are generated. These radicals act on oligomers and monomers, and are cured by polymerization. This polymerization process proceeds in a few seconds, so that the cure is completed earlier.

UV curable resins can be made by combining a wide variety of monomers and oligomers.
Taking advantage of this feature,
(1)(Polymerizable polyfunctional) monomer/oligomer
(3)Additives (fillers, pigments, ultraviolet absorbers, etc.)
Depending on the combination of these materials and the intensity and duration of exposure to light, the paint is characteristic.

Characteristics of UV (ultraviolet) curable resin

Feature 1. Excellent in low pollution and energy conservation
Some organic solvents may be used, but the diluent generally uses polymerizable monomers, so there is no fear that the solvent will diffuse into the atmosphere. In this sense, it is excellent in low pollution. In addition, UV (ultraviolet) radiation cures the polymer, which minimizes heating and drying processes during polymerization, resulting in excellent energy saving.

Feature 2. Be more efficient than thermosetting
The curing time is much shorter than that of the thermosetting type or the room temperature curing type. In addition, since low-temperature processing is possible, it is suitable for applications such as coating substrates that are vulnerable to heat. In addition, since the crosslinking density is generally higher than that of the thermosetting type and the room temperature curing type, it is also excellent in solvent resistance and the like.

However, it is not suitable for complex shapes. This is because it is difficult for all surfaces to be irradiated with light.

Type of UV curable resin

Common type

UV curable resins can be divided into two major types: those that use radical polymerization of unsaturated double bonds such as acrylics, and those that use cationic polymerization such as epoxy.

TOKUSHIKI products

TOKUSHIKI offers polyurethane acrylate-based Self-healing paint resins and Hi-Cope AU-series.
AU-3110 and other resins are extremely stretchable. In TOKUSHIKI, it is commonly referred to as a "which with elongation".
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Applications of UV (ultraviolet) curable resin

General applications

  • Surface coating applications for plastic products
    •   Cosmetic containers
    •   Beverage can
    •   Headlight
    •   Enclosures for PCs, smartphones, electrical appliances, etc.
    •   Parts for vehicles
  • UV adhesives
  • UV curable inkjet applications
  •  Photoresist  
    • Applications such as pattern shadow masks and printed circuit board solder resists

Examples of TOKUSHIKI products

  • Covers for smartphones, tablets, etc. (Self-healing paint)
  • Topcoat agent for in-mold film (urethane acrylate, which is elongated)


  • UV (ultraviolet) curable resin is excellent in low pollution, energy saving, and processability in a short time.
  • UV curable resins can be processed at low temperatures, making them suitable for coating substrates that are vulnerable to heat.

    TOKUSHIKI offers a variety of products, including Self-healing paint and urethane acrylate which is elongated.
    If you can use the Resin Synthesis Experiment Service, you can also synthesize the original resin.


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