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What is urethane acrylate? This section explains the characteristics, types, and applications used.

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UV(ultraviolet) curable resins are compatible with solvent-free and high-solid paints. Because of their shorter curing time compared with heat curing and two-component curing systems, they require less energy for drying and curing, and are attracting attention as low-pollution and energy-saving resins. UV curable resins include urethane acrylate, epoxy acrylate, polyester acrylate, and others. Our main product is urethane acrylate.

What is urethane acrylate?

The structure of the urethane acrylate is as follows.
urethane acrylate structure

Polyol: Polyol having a structure such as polyester, polyether, polycarbonate, etc.
Isocyanates: yellowing type (TDI, MDI), non-yellowing type (HDI, IPDI), etc.
Acrylate: Hydroxyacrylates such as HEA and HPA

Urethane acrylate is composed of a urethane component, which is a soft segment, and an acrylic component, which is a hard segment.
The physical properties of the cured product are determined by the structure and molecular weight of the polyol, the type of isocyanate (yellowing, non-yellowing), the type of hydroxyacrylate, and the number of acrylic groups. Therefore, the combination can be changed depending on the intended use to produce the cured product.

Feature of urethane acrylate

Feature 1. To provide extensibility and flexibility
It is possible to impart extensibility and flexibility to UV curable coating agents.

Feature 2. Wide range of designs
We are able to make the most appropriate proposals to our customers, including the selection of materials.

Product lineup of urethane acrylate

Lineup Feature
 AU-3110  UV curable urethane acrylate resin with excellent elongation and toughness.
 AU-2040  Polycarbonate-based urethane acrylate resins.
 It can be used as a binder for PVC topcoats and screen inks.
 AU-2090  Polyether-based urethane acrylate resin.
  It can be used as a resin for adhesives and potting agents.

We provide UV coating and UV (ultraviolet) binder to various materials, mainly urethane acrylate. Please consult us if you wish to design the product according to the intended use.

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Applications of urethane acrylate

The Hi-Cope AU Series can be used in a wide range of applications, including topcoats for various plastics, topcoats for PVC flooring, and ink binders.


Urethane acrylates can be used in combinations of polyol structure and molecular weight, type of isocyanate (yellowing, non-yellowing), type of hydroxyacrylate, number of acrylic groups, etc. depending on the intended use.
TOKUSHIKI offers a variety of products, including Self-healing paint and urethane acrylate which is elongated.
You can use the resin synthesis experiment service to synthesize original resins. Please read the details.


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